1. 10-gigabit network
2. InfiniBand network
3. Network security solutions: the firewall


10-gigabit network

Given its very low latency, the reliability of its high bandwidth and its exceptional performance, the 10-gigabit Ethernet interconnection has earned an excellent reputation in data centers, greatly improving the efficiency of companies of all sizes.

Key features at a glance

Offers continued data availability thanks to power-supply redundancy
Presents full management capabilities
Puts at your disposal software configuration options
Allows you to plan your network’s scalability and performance
Is equipped with a quality service-enabled intelligent information network that allows for
efficient management of data traffic



InfiniBand network

In addition to unsurpassed scalability and reliability, our InfiniBand solutions offer you the fastest access ever to your server farm! Our solutions allow you to limit your wiring costs and electrical expenses, while taking up very little space.

The technology that supports our high-performance computing solutions represents an excellent substitute for Ethernet. This same technology never ceases to improve in terms of speed.

Key benefits at a glance

Guaranteed high bandwidth and greatly reduced latency time
End-to-end data integrity
Improved performance clusters
Network multiprotocol
Transportation of network storage and inter process communication



Network security solutions: the firewall

Now, more than ever, we seem to be operating at full speed, and this is especially true of the business world. This is why you must be well prepared in order to ensure stability should the worst happen. Your computer system has been attacked but you can absolutely not afford a service interruption? Our network security solutions watch over your equipment and your data so you can rest easy. We propose a tailored, all-in-one solution comprised of the essential tools: a firewall, a virtual private network and security services. These are affordable and reliable solutions that will grow as your business grows.

Key benefits at a glance

Low management and technical support costs
Reasonably priced updating and replacement functions
Control of all means of accessing Internet
Protection against network attacks
Protection against malicious coding
Antivirus filtering
Application of company policy on data access and transmission
Preservation of all traces of transactions made on the network


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