Data management is the management of all digital resources during their lifetime, including architecture development, regulations, practices and procedures. All these elements allow us to efficiently manage the needs of companies and organizations.

Our solutions allow for a greater availability of data thanks to the following functionalities:

  Snapshot: A photo of the logical volume. It is possible to save the modifications made. This is a backup procedure that allows you to store a logical volume’s static image at a specific time.

  Replication – An information-sharing process that ensures coherence of redundant data (synchronization). Replication can improve the reliability of data and its access.

As volumes increase non-stop, the scalability of our solutions allows you to manage space efficiently. It may sometimes be difficult to find your way around network data, which is why data indexation is so essential for finding a document or data.

We offer you an automated process that identifies, classifies, archives and preserves the items saved. This technology allows you to structure how your data is managed and helps you save time by protecting it. Data archiving, backups and encryption are the foundations of our solutions.

Key benefits of efficient data management

Optimizes storage resources by eliminating data that offers no value
Eases the burden of end-users concerning classification
Allows you to conform to document-conservation regulations
Ensures the confidentiality of critical data across the organization
Allows you to take up e-discovery challenges and meet legal demands to use data as proof
in a civil action or at a criminal trial.

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

Our ILM solutions allow you to classify data and centralize metadata management. They protect your data over a long period of time and allow you to efficiently manage your business activities based on your company’s real needs. ILM enables users to lower their archiving costs by offering a simpler means of accessing, preserving and protecting their company’s data, during the data’s entire lifetime. Backups are made continuously thanks to our file protection system, designed to enhance productivity and optimize how resources are used.

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